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We buy and loan on gold and diamonds!

At Top??Dollar Pawnbrokers we pride ourselves on the speed of our process. You don’t have to sit around waiting to see how much money you’ll get it only takes a few minutes for you to find out the value of your jewelry.

All you need to do is bring you unwanted gold, platinum, or sterling silver to any of our two locations, and we will provide a fast, accurate, and in-person appraisal. Once we evaluate the items you brought in, we will make you an offer. Of course, there’s never any type of pressure for you to accept, but we are confident that we will give you an extremely competitive deal.

What is your gold worth at Top Dollar Pawn?

The jewelry calculator does not take into consideration diamonds and other stones. To use simply weigh your gold in grams then determine if it is 10k, 14k, 22k or 24k and plug in the weight below. The estimate is based on the current gold trading price so we cannot guarantee the exact same price when you arrive. Usually the price of gold does not change considerably over a short period of time. (If you are unsure of the karat leave it at 10k.)

If you are interested in selling your diamonds, gold, platinum, or sterling silver jewelry, please come to any one of our locations.


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    Top Dollar Pawn Jewelry is also MLA compliant and offers loans with a fixed rate of 36% APR with all fees included After you take out your loan, you’ll have 3 options to get your item back. First, You can come pay off your entire loan within the first 1-month term and get your item -or- items back. Second, you can come pay just the minimum on your loan which is the interest payment. Finally, unlike most Traditional Pawn shops, VA Premier Pawn doesn’t want you to lose your valuables. Therefore, we will let you make payments towards your principal loan balance along with the monthly interest payments. You can get your valuables back once your loan is paid in full.