Meet Us

Michael (Owner)

Welcome to my store. I pretend to run things around here but I am not sure the rest of the gang would vouch for that. Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry was started by my father over thirty years ago. I worked here during my summer vacations throughout high school and college. I then moved to the Big Apple, New York City, where I helped to start a company by the name of Syrup Inc. I operated as their CTO until I moved back down to Washington, DC so that my father could start to enjoy his retirement. I feel like I have adopted a new family working here and that family continues to grow as I meet and help new people every day. We just recently opened our second location in Charles county off of Crain Hwy. Don’t fear Prince George’s County we have not forgotten where are roots, we have remodeled our original location. Come in and say hi, i’d love to spend some time talking with you.

Stuffie (CEO & Manager)

Hi, my name is William, better known to everyone in the community as Stuffie. I have been a manager at Top Dollar for over 16 years and I’ve worked in numerous pawnshops prior to coming aboard with Top Dollar. On the side I’m known for my involvement in Backyard Band and WHAT Band,” something I’ve been involved in for over 20 years. I love what I do at Top Dollar because I love helping the community and it’s people with their day-to-day life. I love meeting people and having great conversations, as well as learning new and different things about life!

Vanzago (Manager - Oxon Hill)

Hello, my name is Van and I am a store manager, formerly a manager at the Waldorf location. I am from Landover, MD and have always been in the area. I am the store's diamond and watch expert, serves as the store's graphic designer, and I own a graphic design and custom t-shirt company. I love working at Top Dollar because I get to help out the community.

Mike T (Manager ??? Waldorf)

Hi, I???m Mike T. and I'm a manager at the Waldorf store. I have been in the pawn business since 1991 and I???ve been with the Top Dollar family since 1995. My wife, Leniece and I have both worked for Top Dollar since before we were married 23 years ago. I love talking to all the people that come into the shop, and helping them take care of business. I??truly value the friendships I???ve gained over the years and I hope to make many more!  

Zack (Manager ??? Waldorf)

Hi, I???m Zack. I’m a Manager at Top Dollar in Waldorf, but in my spare time I am a gamer and tech guy. I’m currently learning how to work on motherboards and build circuits. I currently reside in Cheltenham, MD and have been with Top Dollar for almost three years. Top Dollar is a great place to meet different people and make a difference in the community.

Leniece (Sales Associate ??? Oxon Hill)

Hi, I???m Niecy and I have been in the pawn industry for almost 30 years. My husband (Mike T) and I have been working at Top Dollar for 23 years, while raising a family.?? My primary job is sales, but I also evaluate jewelry in the selling process. I???m known as ???Smiley??? because I put a smiley face on everyone???s receipt. We also like to consider us an animal rescue family.

Linda (Manager?? ??? Waldorf)

Hi, my name is Linda and I am a Manager at Top Dollar. I am from West Virginia and currently live in Accokeek, MD. I love to cook for my family and spend time with my husband. I have been a pawnbroker for 24 years and I love working at Top Dollar Pawn!

Deon (Pawnbroker ??? Oxon Hill)

Hi, my name is Deon, better known as Pimp or The Foam King and I have served this community for over 20 years. I love to hang out with my family and friends in my downtime. Since I have been working at Top Dollar Pawn, I’ve developed a new sneaker addiction for Foamposites and Yeezy’s. Come check me out the next time you are in the area!

Jay (Pawnbroker ??? Oxon Hill)

Hi, my name is Jay. I was born and raised in the DMV area, and when not here at Top Dollar, I'm spending time with my family or being creative in the studio. Come check me out at the #1 pawn shop in the area, Top Dollar!

Rosa (Sales Associate – Oxon Hill)

Hi, I’m Rosa and I am a Sales Associate at Top Dollar Pawn. I was born in the Philippines and came to America because, It is the land of opportunity and for the safety of my children. I love swimming, cooking, and traveling very much. I am happy and blessed to be a member of the Top Dollar family!

Nestor (Jeweler – Oxon Hill)

Hi my name is Nestor and I have been the Jeweler at Top Dollar Pawn for about 25 years now. I learned the trade from my father, who worked at Top Dollar Pawn before I did. I love swimming and always enjoy being by the water. I also enjoy biking, hiking, and playing tennis. Top Dollar Pawn is a family owned business and we treat each other here like family. I work with my wife Rosa and enjoy working together, keeping the family atmosphere.


Ron (Pawnbroker - Oxon Hill)

Hello my name is Ron.?? I was born and raised in Washington, DC. I enjoy watching sports, listening to music, and shopping & relaxing with friends. But, my favorite thing to do is live sound engineering for Gogo Music in DC! Top Dollar allows me to connect with customers and actually help them in their time of need. To me, there???s no greater feeling than being able to help people and families out in a financial situation!  

Kennedy (Pawnbroker - Waldorf)

Hi I???m Kennedy. I???m currently a pawnbroker at the Waldorf store. I previously worked as a party host at ???Pump it Up??? in Waldorf, where I have resided for the past six years. I???m currently in the process of obtaining my associates degree in criminal justice at The College of Southern Maryland.

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